Asbestos in the building


It was massively used in buildings for her fireproofing, insulating properties, and her resistance.

It's the most dangerous shape is the flocking, the asbestos , used for the insulation against the fire.  It's forbiden since 1975.

The ban completes some asbestos in Switzerland, a date of 1991.

You can find some examples in the gallery of images.


 The obligation of the diagnosis asbestos


It is thus important to be able to identify materials susceptible to contain some asbestos in buildings and houses, to avoid the risks.
Since the 1°mars 2011, the owners of real property have the obligation for all the works of transformation building (before 1991), who ask for an authorization to build, to make a diagnosis which will be joined at the request of licence.


 Value of the real estate object


During the acquisition of a real property (apartments, villas, buildings,) manufacturers and commercial).

It is essential to make a diagnosis asbestos before the purchase.

Indeed the real value of this construction can decrease, strongly.

Of made by the obligation to make works of removal of asbestos.


 The diagnosis

To obtain an officially recognized diagnosis asbestos contact

By e-mail:          By such: 078 600 98 24

We establish, after on-the-spot visit, a free estimate.
Then we make the takings which will be sent to laboratory.
The report will be supplied to you within 3-5 working days.

Person in charge region: Vaud Fribourg Genève:                                        Alfredo Primavesi
Expert recognized by Suva and ASCAV